Death to Blocked Drains!!

Why Does My Sink Keep Getting Blocked?!
There could be many reasons, but if your plumbing pipes haven’t been designed correctly you could be throwing more than just hair down the drain.
How to Fix the Problem Myself?
You can fix the problem yourself by using a trusty plunger. Plungers, like many othertools, come in varying shapes and sizes. The rubber head plunger is the most commonly used plunger, however a lesser known variety, which should definitely be on your radar, is the sink drain unblocker with a funnel nose!
Sink Plunger, with a rubber head:
  • Creates a powerful vacuum to loosen up blockages effectively
  • Clears blocked sinks and toilets easily
  • Can be purchased at Bunnings Warehouse (AUS)
  • Model: Kinetic Sink Plunger
Sink Drain Unblocker:
  • Delivers more than 5 times the displacement of a large cup plunger
  • Super-strong Polyethylene Construction
  • Fits most sinks and toilets bowls
  • Can be purchased at Bunnings Warehouse (AUS)
  • Model: Kinetic Toilet Drain Unblocker
How to Fix the Problem At It’s Source?
This may simply require reconfiguring the pipework directly underneath your sink. Your local plumber can generally take care of this in a matter of hours. If the problem is more substantial, be sure to get a few plumbing quotes before going ahead with any reconstruction work.
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Happy Plumbing…

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